December 23rd, 2006


Saving Grace

Just came back from my first cello performance (albeit a very small one), as part of the strings section of Saving Grace. It was fun and exciting, even though I knew that I played wrong notes. And I was so anxious and nervous the whole evening >_< The rest of the strings section all went to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and little ol' me can barely play a song without squeaking and / or hitting wrong notes.

Not to mention two weirdos talked to me today in the city. I swear it was the shorts I was wearing. Another reason why I don't like them.

Anyway, the concert was going fine until some idiot accidentally poured half his cup of beer down one of my friend's top. Feel sorry for making Y come - I'm not sure she really enjoyed herself at all :(

Well, congrats are in order for Saving Grace with the launch of their EP. The crowd was great (besides the idiot), the music was great, and the band was fantastic :D Thanks so much for making me a part of it (though I suck).
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