November 2nd, 2006


Procrastinating in Week 14

Trust me to post something on LJ when I have an essay to write and a film to edit >_<

I realised that it's been ages since we've updated this thing, and people might think we're dead ... not that I blame them for thinking that way. Time just really flies by these days.

The last time we left off I think we were talking about Animania. Well, I must say that it was great fun. The costumes were hell to make (especially since I hand-made mine ... with help from my grandmother) but they were worth it. And the skit that we planned rather last minute to do got good responses as well. It's still hard to believe that we're actually on YouTube (though I won't link it, since the quality's bad and the music doesn't sync up, making us look quite idiotic. We weren't the ones who uploaded it though). We won 2nd prize for our skit :) Hopefully getting 1st next year.

We'll post some pics here as soon as we transfer them from the camera :)

Another recent thing off my back is the fact that I handed in one of my assessments yesterday. It was painful to do, since I had semi-good ideas, but the product was sub-standard in my opinion. I really need to take art classes >_<

Here's a pic that's part of my portfolio for the assessment. I cheated a little and made her eyes green (they were violet before), so she can be Lily Evans ...

Collapse )

I've been wanting to get Painter for some time now, but I have no idea how to use it. I ordered it nearly 2 months ago and still it hasn't arrived. Apparently there's been warehouse problems or shipping problems or somethin'.

... it's obvious I'm braindead by now.

Well, better stop my ramblin' and go do some work.

~ Silver
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