September 27th, 2006


My Internet... Bwah ;_;

First of all, a big apology to most of the people on teh beloved flist in whose journal entries I frequently comment... in the past few days, I've pretty much had to give my Internet connection a funeral. I'm currently writing this at Silver's house. I'm not sure if it's something wrong with the modem but we've called the Technical Support department and they just said something about a required upgrade. We downloaded the upgrade, but at the moment it's un-openable by any software that we have O_O So, er, I'm kind of stuck with no Internet. And will be for some time.

*Is kind of stressed* So many things to think about!! We have teh anime convention coming up in a few nerve-racking days (you surely remember the photos from last year that we'd posted?) so we've been working double-hard on our costumes for that (we'll post up photos when we get them :3). Added to that, I have about five assignments due next week. As well as teh yuckeh part-time job... all this I have to fit within the week. So yeah, I'm a busy bee right now. xD

Oh yeah, and I really need to find myself a new obsession :o My recent obsessions with Teen Power Inc and Queer As Folk have been pretty unhealthy! I've been poring over the Teen Power books and watching the QaF DVDs a lot these days (probably for stress management). If you can recommend me something to obsess over (hopefully, if you recommend something, it's something that I can easily get from eBay), it'd be appreciated. ;)

~ Harmony
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