June 7th, 2006


Needing Sleep

Our 3D teacher is an absolute slave driver. And he seriously needs to learn how to give encouraging comments. There were people in our class who handed in spectacular modelling work which was seriously so well done, and even then the teacher made comments about what was wrong, and phrasing it in a way that sounded like, "I told you to do this, but you still didn't, so it's all your fault." (not that he did actually tell us). Then he must've realised he's too mean, so at the end he says to the student, "Well, that was good ... enough." >_< It was a painful experience.

I was relatively happy with my model. There were problems with it, I admit, but I thought for a 3D newbie like me it's passable. Of course he managed to pick up about a dozen things that's wrong with it.

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At least I won't have any more 3D (unless of course, I either fail it or I'm a masochist and decide to do 3D 2). I can finally get some sleep. Honestly, I've slept a total of about 20 hours in the last week. The weather's been foul and everyone's getting sick (including Harmony *gives her flowers and get well card*).

I've still got one project to hand in next week. I tried doing another portrait, although I was silly enough not to use a reference, and then realised that the body would twist in an ugly way. And then I found out that if I had done her hair differently, I wouldn't have to worry about the body, but it was too late to change it. I'm bad at planning ahead. My other work is a vector, which I cheated a little with, as I just used our Wolfstar piccy. But hey, we own it so there's no copyright hassles :p As you can see I went with a slight purple theme.

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I really want to draw something fandom related one day. What's something interesting I can draw that's not too hard, doesn't need a complex background (since I can't draw bgs), and doesn't have twisted bodies (since I can't draw those either)?

Meanwhile ... PSA!!!!! I'll start working on it again as soon as I get some sleep.

~ Silver

HARMONY'S EDIT: Heh, I think I share exactly the same feelings on the 'slavedriver' comment. Uni is a slavedriver in general. It's not cool having to write a huge essay while my nose is bleeding nonstop and I've been coughing my lungs raw and my throat hoarse.

The only highlight is, though, that the essay I had to write was for my Media class, so we were allowed to base it on any media network we chose. And I chose to write about slash. Yes, I wrote a fair bit of stuff about H/D in it :) Seeing as my Media tutor is a slash fan (as I was shocked to discover), thought I'd try to convert her to HP and H/D, see.

I hope it gets a high mark. Just because slash rawks :P
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