May 27th, 2006


Art and complaints

My 3D assessment is annoying the heck out of me. I seriously marvel at those people who make movies like Shrek, Ice Age and King Kong where the 3D effects are just so spectacular. I mean how many hours do these people have to spend in front of the computer just to model a character, let alone texturing and animating them ~_~ And after all that, people go 'wow!' and then forget about it. Some even critique the movies as being plain and mediocre. These poor people.

Meanwhile, I've tried to draw a realistic face for my Digital Composite class (which should really be named Photoshop class) based on a tutorial I found in a mag. I wanted to draw Kismet - a little character of mine I developed for my Flash class. After spending a night and a day colouring the face and throwing on some hair, I discovered that it was too plain, simple and boring. I also discovered that I forgot about the fact that she's supposed to have a body.

So here's my half-arsed attempt (excuse the language) of my not-assignment.

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The one thing I'm looking forward to is going to Harmony's house tomorrow to do PSA stuff and get help for my homework. We will also eat really soggy oily chips and ice-cream for dinner :p

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