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Silver Harmony
March 12th, 2006 
Hi guys,

This is the new thread template for G'n'H. I've fixed up all the broken links from the previous threads, and I've updated some old links. If you could follow this, it would be great.

All of the things that should be changed with every new thread are in crimson. All of the things that should be updated (added to) with every new thread are in orange.

Feel free to play around with the colors - you can change them, you don't have to stick to the ones here.

Happy sailing, G'n'H!

EDIT: Just a reminder from sivullinen: 'Essa would, I think, like to get an e-mail when a new thread is started, so that she can update the thread list on the GnH website. So, it'd be very nice if the one making the new thread could e-mail her about it :)' Please take this into account. Cheers!

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