December 13th, 2005


Change of Layout!

Hands up - who noticed the change of layout?

Sorry, I'm being silly, as it's late, and I'm hungry. As some of you might have noticed, our account status is now 'Paid Account'. Yes, my credit card is finally active in my sweaty little hands and the feeling is actually quite scary. I mean, I spent about $30 in the first half hour of activation.

Well, the layout took ages to do. Honestly, this S1, S2 stuff should be more user friendly. It took me about 2 hours to figure out how to put the header pic up. ... It turned out to be quite simple actually.

It's likely I'll try and do a better job sometime in the future ... but for now, I need some rest *watches Hedwig fly past*

~ Silver

HARMONY'S EDIT: There's still quite a few annoying bits that I especially want to get rid of, though, so it might change a bit here and there in the next few days. And we both want to change it so that we get the big LJ default page when you click on the comments; however, neither of us have figured out how to do that yet. Ah well, we'll probably find out in time.

SILVER'S EDIT: Well, I've figured out how to go to the big LJ default page when you click on the comments. It's cleaner and works better with large pics. Also I've fixed the size for 800x600 resolution viewers so they don't have two scrollbars to shift with which annoys the heck outta me most of the time.
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