December 9th, 2005


Christmas part-ay 'n' Saint Seiya

Felt like making an entry to waste away the time while waiting for Harmony to get off work.

I just came home from our company Christmas party ^_^ It was a cocktail party that involved a lot of people in a very squished space all standing and mingling. I had about a glass and a half of champagne and it's making me sleepy.

Meanwhile, on a rather different note, does anyone know about the anime series Saint Seiya? I watched it when I was little in China and got quite fond of it, even though it was targeted more at boys. I don't think it was dubbed in English, which is why there's such a small fan base. Anyway, a few months ago I decided to buy the box set and watched about 150 episodes of it or somethin' in a week @_@ I wanted to draw Shun at first, but managed Hyoga, Mu, Camus instead. I still haven't drawn Shun yet.

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That reminds me, I received my semester results last night ... I got an HD ^_^ I think I'm happier at the fact of what 'HD' means in fandom than I am in grades really. So apparently my best subject is Web Authoring. Still, I reckon I pulled in the marks because I knew my tutor liked Harry Potter (seriously!) and so I made a website related to it. It's handy, since I get the marks, and I don't mind doing it since I like the topic anyway. *shrugs* Hey, I'm a Slytherin.

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