December 7th, 2005


Seeker Mag Issue 1

Yay! I'm getting a credit card soon! I applied for one over 2 weeks ago and they finally sent a mail through today. I still won't get the platic until some time later though. First thing is to get a paid account on LJ *is excited* Then I'll have to make a good layout for it.

These days I've been working way too much. 3 full days being an assistant accountant (eurgh!) and 2 days being a shop assistant at parents' shop. Yuckeh. I've been so influenced by magazines and books that for no reason I decided to create a magazine cover.

Welcome to the first issue of ...

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~ Silver

EDIT: I just realised this morning ... why would it be in pounds?! Argh, stupid currency. Pretend it's Sickles or somethin'.
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