December 1st, 2005


GoF comes to Australia ...

... at last.

As you can probably tell from the time, yes, I just got back from watching the movie. Man, the city is crowded. I would've liked to stay for a bit longer, yet at the same time, am pitying myself since I have work early tomorrow morning and am in need of some sleep.

Heh, Harmony probably hasn't even arrived home yet.

Comments on the movie? I'm not in the mood to blabber around a lot. I've seen enough on the mailing lists I joined, with mail after mail about 'My thoughts on GoF' and the like. It was bloody frustrating to see people watching it 'for the second time!' or 'for the 40 zillionth time' while living down under means I don't even get to see it until 2 weeks after. So what I say won't really be a spoiler. And hey, if you're an HP fan, and are reading this journal, and haven't watched HP by now, then you're definitely not fan enough.

It was good. But very fast-paced. It was just scene after scene of material. I can understand why, but as an HP fan, I would've been happy to watch it for another hour at least, if only we get the nice detailed stuff in. Not bloody likely they'd make an extended movie for DVD though.

One thing however - as much as I laughed at Snape / Alan Rickman in CoS and PoA ... and GoF too ... I now think that Snape is cool ^_^ ( ... and Alan Rickman too). Missed David Thewlis though. And Sirius.

I have made a useless entry indeed. Maybe Harmony can make more sense of it (especially about the lack of responses to our badges and shirts and ties :( ).

~ Silver

HARMONY'S EDIT: Under Silver's apparent request to elaborate on the reactions to our costuming: there was no response to our badges and shirts and ties. Period. And they were so obvious, too. 'Draco loves Harry' in big print and everything. Bah for the lack of slash fans in Oz.

*Deep voice* Your BIRD may have blinded the basilisk... xD
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