October 20th, 2005


Teh Costume!

In a recent entry, my loffly Silver mentioned how I'd won a competition in a Medieval Festival for best costume. I'm very happy about that, because I never thought I'd win - especially since everyone who attended the festival (and there were a lot of people) had their names automatically entered into the contest. And although I don't have photos of the festival itself (I couldn't carry around a camera, which was a bit stupid of me), I do have photos of the dress!

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Sorry about that ramble. Now, time for bed! ;D

~ Harmony

P.S. In the Medieval Costuming guidelines for the festival, they said 'avoid patterned fabric - it doesn't look medieval!' and I totally ignored this and went to the festival wearing this dress when practically 85% of the visible parts of it was patterned fabric. Now you can see why I didn't think I'd win. XD
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