October 19th, 2005



Okay, while I understand that it's not very amusing to read about other people's complaints and all, I just wanted to make a post because I'm terribly annoyed and hope that this is somehow therapeutic to tell it to the whole world. Heh, aren't I a selfish one?

I've been all hyper last night, to the extent that my parents thought I was on something. But that's all blown over. Now I'm stuck with the pile of homework I can't finish and a website that just would not work.

I have a question for you HP people out there ... what do you feel about the female characters in the HP series? Who's your favourite and why do you like them? Similarly, who do you hate, and why? Yes, it's related to my homework, so comments would be greatly appreciated.

Meanwhile, to cheer you all up (or to depress you all) here's a link to the H/D fic I wrote a while back.

Title: Point of Discontinuity
Author: Da Silver
Rating: PG-13
Summary: When Harry and Draco got together at the beginning of sixth year, was it because of love? Or perhaps a reason more sinister. When trust is betrayed by a most unlikely source, it is realised only too late. HD Slash.
Warnings: AU, and possible OOC, and something else I won't reveal.

( Point of Discontinuity )

*Sigh* have to leave for uni soon. I can't wait until this semester finishes already.

~ Silver