October 16th, 2005


Silver's turn!!

Right, so this is my first entry on LJ. Yay! *is excited*.

Anyway, Harmony and I have decided that since we have this LJ here, we might as well make more of a use of it. So now you'll get the goss of our daily lives (or whenever we want to update), our complaints, joys, pictures and of course our fanworks.

Throughout the next few weeks, I'll probably upload all the junk I have stored on my computer, and force H to do the same. *prods*

So anyway, update on lives so far ... the last two weeks were awesome. On Oct 8 we went to our first Animania - the Anime Con in Australia. It was brilliant ^_^ The people there were so nice (except some of the volunteers who got a bit annoyed with us because we didn't listen to them) and boy, did they put effort into their costumes! Unfortunately I didn't end up taking many photos. They shall be posted sooner or later ;p

Oct 15 - the Supanova came. And we met, talked to, had a photograph with and got autographs of the brilliant John Rhys-Davies, who was so so nice and so funny and we are definitely going to employ him as an actor in our movies one day. ... If he'll have us.

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We also met Matthew Lewis, yes, the actor of Neville Longbottom. We didn't get to talk much, seeing as another fangirl pushed in, but he seemed awfully nice and he recognised our ties too (although yeah, it was pretty obvious).

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Of course, H wanted to take a few pics with some cosplayers, especially when she's getting interestied in Final Fantasy again. Too bad that there weren't as many cosplayers at the Supanova than there were at the Animania.

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H also participated in a Medieval festival this morning. She managed to win the contest for the best costume! *is proud of her* Unfortunately she didn't bring a camera >_< She says there are one or two photos though, since her mother was smart enough to!

Well, I think I've blabbered enough for one night (and took a bloody long time too). More pics shall be up soon ^_^ - the autographed pics and Animania photos - so stay tuned!

~ Silver
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