August 10th, 2005


A Brief Note

Hooray, new LiveJournal :3 The reason we got this LJ account was mainly to join the potent_serpent community, although you may be seeing a few other things that we put up - if we feel like it, lol.

Yes, if you're an H/B fan, you're welcome to join :)

On another note: I've written an H/B fic. My first HP slash uploaded, really. If you decide to read it, please take the time out to give me some feedback through a review:

Title: Of Dusk And Dawn
Author: Harmoneh
Rating: PG
Summary: Oneshot, HPBZ slash. The final moment has come... 'The boy, like all of us, waits with breathless anticipation not untouched by fear'.

( Of Dusk And Dawn )