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Yay For Fic Challenge Banners :)

Thank you so much to mara_202 for making the banners for the recent fic challenges at potent_serpent! Taking your time out to make these banners when you're so busy... we all love you. :) Hopefully everyone else who got a banner will put them up on their pages, too.

It's hard to stay focused in the Harry Potter fandom when you're so busy doing fanwork for other fandoms, like Bleach. This is making me want to go back and read some more HP, though.

Can anyone pretty, pretty please rec me a good post-DH fic? I'm craving Harry/Draco the most, but gen or any other pairing will do fine too </plea>.

Got this banner for the Five Prompts Challenge.
The fic I submitted: His Game

Got this banner for the Deathly Hallows Challenge Part 1 and Part 2.
The fics I submitted: Within These Walls (for Part 1), A Heated Terror (for Part 2)

I'm such a loser that I've never had a fanwork banner with my name on it, hooray (I'm probably an even bigger dork for saying that, actually). This only makes me love fandom (and all of you, my fandom friends, who are reading this!) more. It's just a shame that I haven't been doing much HP stuff recently, with the exception of PSA :o

~ Harmony
...Who is having headaches over her essay and is obviously procrastinating
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