Silver Harmony (silverharmony) wrote,
Silver Harmony

Animania 2007 Photo Album =D

Much thanks to Luffy-san for being our filmmaker and photographer during majority of the One Piece production ^_^ And for lending Robin-san your phone so she could take all these spiffy pics =D

Princess Vivi and Nico Robin (i.e. Silver and Harmony, who have pretty much become respectively the Father and Mother of the group) are so proud of their nakama for being in character the entire day, for working so hard and for putting up a damn fine performance that won us first place.

Also a special mention to our Shanks, who supplied us with the central idea that we based the rest of the skit around.

Now, on to the pictures!

Awesome cosplayers at Animania! Warning: Image-heavyCollapse )

Piccies of our One Piece group! Warning: Image-heavyCollapse )

*Phew* That took a long time.

If you missed our skit, check it out HERE!

And once again, any comments and opinions from you (regardless of whether or not you're familiar with One Piece) will be received with our utmost love. ♥

Silver and Harmony, signing out ;)
Tags: animania, cosplay, one piece
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