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The Animania 2005

Okay, so two entries in the same day, but we're on a high, and we really want this uploaded. So here are the pictures I took during Animania (Oct 8) ^_^ It was so fun :D

Silver cosplayed as Duo Maxwell, and Harmony didn't cosplay - she just donned a random pretty Oriental robe for fun. ^_^

Athrun, The Tentacle Man, Random Girl (Guy), and Cagari

Cagari, Harmony, Yuna and Tidus

Duo, Pokemon Team Aqua, Rinoa, and two others (not sure what characters sorry!)

Athrun, ... the girl in the furry suit, Cagari

Cagari, Random Bish, Bishoujo, Edward, and Harmoneh

Advent Children people

Cagari, L, Misa and Athrun ^_^

Edward (with Cagari running away in the foreground)

Cagari and Athrun (with a random Aizen in the background)

Cagari, Cloud and Harmony

Squall and Tidus (with awesome I ♥ Yaoi badges)

Cagari, Squall, Tidus and Harmoneh

Loli-goth girl ^_^

Naruto people and Near =D

Cagari, Inuyasha, Harmony

The Final Fantasy group, dancing on stage. Not a very good pic, unfortunately.

After that I just got lazeh, so no more pictures unfortunately~

~ Silver
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