Silver Harmony (silverharmony) wrote,
Silver Harmony

Comic: Opposites Attract (Ichi/Hitsu)

Some of you may know that Harmony and I are planning to make an Ichi/Hitsu doujinshi. For a bit of practice, we decided to first make a short one-page one :)

Also implied Hollow!Ichigo/Ichigo.


Cross-posted to ichihitsu, asterisk_plus, bleach_yaoi and kurosaki_clinic.

HARMONY'S EDIT: Just saw this week's ep (132) - bah, I didn't like the fact that it was another filler, and half of it actually bored me - but the moments right at the end where Hitsugaya was reflecting on Ichigo to Karin made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside XD Yay for HitsuIchi.
Tags: bleach, doujin, ichigo/hitsugaya
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