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New and Shineh~

After several weeks and many many hours, finally the layout for this journal has been changed. Originally it took about 20 minutes to understand LJ language and then copy and paste the code. It looked perfect on Safari and Firefox. Open IE, and ... *dies*. This led to another 15 hours worth of slaving away, making it look semi-nice on IE. Still not satisfied, but too tired to care.

Questions for LJ whizzes:
1) My tags disappeared and I don't know how to retrieve them. Help?
2) How do I have options such as 'Add to memories' and 'Edit entry'? They were available on our old layout and I don't know how to put them back >_<

Also on a semi-happier note, Silver Harmony now has a WEBSITE!!! Nothing too spiffy, but we'll be posting our latest junk there as well, so it's somewhat more organised. Please come for a visit sometime ^_^

And finally, on an even happier note, I have completed three fanarts ^_^ All Bleach, I'm afraid. Featuring Urahara and Renji (two of my favourite characters from the anime) and a Bya/Ren. Hope you enjoy ...

A more high-res pic can be found here: Clicky!

Lots more to do, not enough holiday time.

~ Silver

HARMONY'S EDIT: Cross-posted to bya_ren, bleach_yaoi and kurosaki_clinic. Hopefully Silver will bring out some more art soon *winks*
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