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Week 13 and I'm procrastinating

I still remember last year when I was still in 3D class and Steve changed his background picture to a big fat skull to rejoice in the meaning of Week 13.

Yet procrastination in my forte, and this is what you get when Silver's half-dead at 2am in a stage between stressed about homework and needing sleep ...

How Does This Thing Work, Anyway?

Uh ... me being a bit silly >_< Renji woke up super-early in the morning and seeing as his Taicho was still asleep ...

I've been trying to draw a good Renji for days now - my bin is full of tossed out sketches - and ... I fail :( A few hours on Photoshop, and background in Painter.

I realised I'm still trying to find my own style of drawing and colouring. I still have a lot to learn, and I'm not sure where to start from.

In the upcoming winter holidays, I want to do a lot of practice on drawing and colouring - whether it's a quick sketch or a detailed painting (although I'm sure that the winter course, the cosplay stuff and the doujinshi will take up a lot of my time). I really want to improve my style coz I suck at the moment and hopefully putting stuff up on my webpage (which will be purchased as soon as I get my hands on my dad's credit card).

Any suggestions on what I can draw? I'm thinking of doing some HP art maybe, seeing as I don't remember any HP stuff I've done ... it'll also help me get into the spirit of HP7 coming out (hopefully).

It's nearly 10:30pm. Should I do more work? ... *goes to read fanfics*

~ Silver
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