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More art - a woman this time (shock, horror)

Last night I spent about 5 hours staring at the computer doing nothing - I seriously cannot remember what I did for all that time. Then at about 11pm, I decided that maybe I should actually do something productive. Well, it came to this.

I haven't drawn female anime characters for ages. And I can say that I've never drawn a woman so ... well-endowed. I used a pic from another anime as a guide.

It didn't take too long. All up maybe 3-4 hours. It's not perfect and there's quite a lot of stuff I would fix up, but at the same time it's more of a character study than an actual painting so I thought I'd leave it as is. Drawn and coloured on Photoshop and Painter with my pink Wacom ^_^

I drew Matsumoto as I needed to study her a little for the doujinshi Harmony and I are producing. I'm still really excited, and I'm glad that it got me actually producing some work. Now if only I can do some of my homework as well *looks at the mountain*

In other news, I just got tickets for the Christina Aguilera concert!! I'm so excited =D Can't wait until July, so many things are happening: HP book, HP movie, my birthday, Ray's birthday (hehe), and CA concert!!! *does silly wiggly movements that's supposed to represent excitement*

~ Silver
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