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Sketchbook ...

So, one day I was near the scanner (which is a rare occurrence indeed, seeing as it's 3 floors below my room and I'm usually quite very lazy) doing some work for uni *insert surprised look*.

After corrupting my USB and killing my iPod mini (named Prussia), I managed to scan in a small piccy of a character sketch I did of Hitsugaya.

Out of all the character sketches I did, I think I like this page the best (my poor Renji looked like an alien, my Ichigo looked like a woman and Yoruichi looked like a man >_<).

Hitsugaya's pose was stolen from one of Ichimaru's pictures. Yes, his sword is bendy. Not too happy with the frontal portrait sketch but hey, I tried to limit myself in time. I reckon he looks like some Super Saiyan wannabe.

Is there a good guide or tutorial somewhere to help you draw bodies? I'm quite terrible at it, and I really need some help >_<

~ Silver
Tags: bleach, fanart
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