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Macs Rule!!!!!11

Warning: Rant ahead ...

I just spent the last 3 hours wasting my time with Windows Vista rather than watching (researching) One Piece - the anime which we'll be cosplaying as this year >_< And our meeting is tomorrow! I have watched 8 episodes and know next to nothing.

Back to the topic on hand ... my mum bought an HP laptop today after much pondering since she decided she can use it for business. Since we have a Wi-Fi wireless network at home, she thought it'll also be convenient to use it in her bedroom.

I got the honorable job of opening the box and plugging in all the right cords. The computer was booted and voila! It took about 20 minutes to get to Windows in the first place. Then the computer lagged on for god knows how long because it's the first time Windows has been opened so it needs to process stuff. Finally, we get it working, 5 windows popped up with anti-virus programs, network stuff, control panel etc. So I close them all.

Time to get connected to the internet! Hehe I wish!

The Bigpond CD didn't work on the new Windows Vista, so I had to download the installation program from my own laptop. Meanwhile, I connected mum's HP to the internet via ethernet. The internet connection was soooo slow, slower than dial-up I reckon. Why? I'm not sure but I suspect it's because of that suspicious anti-fraud program thingy that's up there. It probably scans every letter of every code of every website before it displays it to us. Wtf? I mean, protection is good, but if it means that I pay for broadband to get shitty internet, then I seriously don't think it's worth it. 'Sides, I'm not sure my mum's web-savvy enough to download illegal shit anyway.

So my mum's sitting there all happy that she managed to get online. She checks her mail. Meanwhile, Windows gets all hyped up and downloads all the updates it can then gives a pop-up every 2 seconds about needing to restart the computer to complete installation. My mum looks at the pop-up and goes "What's that?" and promptly presses it.

The laptop then spent the next 40 minutes rebooting.

After all that (including us staring at the computer continuously as if we were stoned, me eating a muffin and drinking a cup of Sprite and me surfing the web some on my own lappy) Windows Vista happily (read: slowly) surfaced again. I instantly plugged in my USB and tried to install the wireless program.

You know those Mac ads you see on TV?

"Hi, I'm a Mac"
"And I'm a PC"

And you know the one where they had the security dude with the PC guy who asks for confirmation with everything? Seriously, I laughed when I saw the ad coz I thought it was ridiculous and funny and exaggerated and a good ad for the Mac company. But now I know it's absolutely true!!

Everything you do requires a second confirmation. Bloody hell, I already double-clicked the bloody icon, I don't need to confirm again, every single time!

Well, to summarise the rest of it, the HP didn't get connected to the internet. And I got pissed at it (I bet you're surprised by that fact).

And now, I hate Windows Vista and all of its supposedly techy security shit. I might just be an ignorant dolt who isn't sophisticated enough to use this new operating system, but I just say gimme a Mac anyday.

My Mac - I plugged it in, booted it up, less than 10 minutes later, everything was done and ready to use. Even I was surprised.

Ah, felt good to get it all off my chest.

Good night!!

~ Silver
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